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Our First Goal

In 2013 I asked the Mayor of Tustin, The Tustin Area Historical Society and The American Legion to help host a tour of
the south hangar. Its purpose was to give people a chance to see inside the hangar but also to open it up for people who served there as military and support workers. As it turned out, it became more of a reunion than a tour. In some cases for older workers in the 1940's and 50's it was a farewell to past old friends. We even had one of the last living World War II blimp pilots there!

It was then I realized we needed to save both hangers and not just save one hangar that was being talked about. So after the tour I launched to help get the message out. The Navy still owned both hangars and they were working with the City of Tustin and the County of Orange to help transfer the ownership of the hangars.

So from 2013 to 2023 we waited for the time we could work together with the City in their efforts. Now, unfortunatly, there is only one hangar left. Therefore, the website will be renamed and eventually the site will be named

Moving forward, we are currently (March 2024) in the process of forming an exploratory group to come up with ideas on how to save what we can and support the City of Tustin in their efforts to keep everyone informed in its progress..

Pete Beatty
, 714 504-4088 email
Veteran of the Year CA 70th Assembly Dist 2012
Tustin Man of the Year 2014
Past President Tustin Area Historical Society
American Legion Post 227, Historian

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Seventeen stories high, over 1,000 feet long and 300 feet wide, the hangars were, and still are, two of the
largest wooden structures ever built. Designing and building the two structures in 1942, during wartime, on a
hyper-accelerated schedule and with a nearly all-wood design, is what earned the hangars their 1993 listing
by the American Society of Civil Engineers as one of the “Historic Civil Engineering Landmarks” of the 20th Century

Named: Naval Air Station Santa Ana 1942 / Marine Corps Air Facility Santa Ana 1951 / Marine Corps Air Station Tustin 1979

Who ownes the Tustin Hangars? The Navy owns the hangar property.

For information on how to help. Pete Beatty 714-504-4088 e-mail

Video Links and Photos
Los Angeles
Voices of Tustin performing Armed Forces Medley at the Tustin Hangars
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LA Times – OC Let Its History Rot
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City of Tustin help: Email: or call 714 426-2444

What’s Happening with the Historic Tustin Hangars?
2019-2020 Orange County Grand Jury (PDF)

Wikipedia - Marine Corps Air Station Tustin
City of Tustin - The Tustin Hangars
The Tustin Area Historcal Society and Museum - Website - Vintage Photos - Current Photos - History - NAS-Santa-Ana-History.pdf (79 pages) - Vintage Photos - Current Photos - History
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Libraey of Congress Marine Corps Air Station Tustin (PHOTO, PRINT, DRAWING)

Visiting with Huell Howser
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Efforts underway to "deconstruct" World War 2 blimp hangar in Tustin - Link

Naval Airship Pilot" Part 1 -- Cdr. Don Morris' presentation- (9:46 sec)
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Hindenburg Class Airship - Operation and Design
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Hindenburg Disaster A Moment In Radio History - Hindenburg Disaster (Enhanced Audio)

Zeppelin's round-the-world flight in 1929
Cardington, Beds. "Zepp" Arrives - Giant Airship Joins R100 At Air Base (1930)

(USS Macon)
USS Macon Construction & First Flight (1) - USS Macon Construction & First Flight (2)
Giant Airship 'Macon' (1933)
U.S.S. Macon On Manoeuvres (1934)
USS Macon & Sparrowhawks

(USS Akron)
Curtiss F9C Sparrowhawk Biplane On USS Akron (ZRS-4)
U.S. Navy Dirigible USS Akron Memorial Film After 1933 loss of Airship 59614

Tour of the US Navy airship ZPG 3W

Blimps Fly in Formation
WW2 "K" Type Blimp, Carrier Landing Operations, 02/24/1944 - 02/28/1944 (full) flight operations.
Us Navy Blimps On Training Exercise (1943)USS Macon Construction & First Flight (1)

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Visiting with Huell Howser | Tustin | Season 15 - PBS 2
2008 Hot Air Airship / Thermal Blimp / Luftshiff (No.1)
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8th FAI World Hot Air Airship Championship (Part 1)
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We go for a ride in the only Zeppelin NT in the USA & talk to the CEO of Airship Ventures
As of November 14, 2012, Airship Ventures ceased

LAist 89.3 FM - Links re: Tustin air hangar
SoCal History: The Significance Of The Tustin Airfield Hangars
AirTalk audio segment:  . AirTalk web write up

Save the Hangar & Save the Control Tower Exploratory Group
Tustin, California

Pete Beatty - Founder: Save The Hanagers & Save the Control Tower / U.S. Army Veteran / Vietnam era 714 504-4088 email
Brian Delahaut - Co-Founder: Save The Hanagers founder & Save the Control Tower / Retired Marine Corps Colonel
Richard Nelson - Tustin Area Historical Society, 2024 President
Gretchen Whisler - Tustin Area Historical Society - Past President

Guy Ball - Tustin, CA Historian and Author
Steve Giddings - Post Commander / Tustin American Legion Post 227 / U.S. Army Veteran
Donna Marsh Peery - Tustin, CA - Tustin Area & Millitary Historian
Rudy Swigart - Retired U.S. Navy Lieutenant (Uniter States Naval Academy)
Tim Zierer - Tustin, CA - Tustin Millitary Historian
Former Marine Corps JAG officer (to be named)

Non profit Support:
Tustin Area Historical Society (primary)
Tustin American Legion Post 227
TAMWYC - Tustin Area Man and Woman of the Year
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Cox's Market Plaza
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The MCAS Control Tower.
The church is gone!
One of the goals of the Exploratory Committee is to save and preserve the MCAS Control Tower as a multi-use bulding (for a museum, local meetings, student tours etc.).
The church was torn down and the wood carted away.
During the Vietnam War, many Marines were married there only to have services there later on, remberering them after they were killed in action

October 1, 1942: Naval Air Station (NAS) Santa Ana commissioned

1949: Naval Air Station (NAS) Santa Ana decommissioned

1949-1951: Used as a civilian airfield, blimp storage, and air museum

May 1, 1951:
Re-commissioned as Marine Corps Air Facility (MCAF) Santa Ana

September 1, 1969: Renamed Marine Corps Air Station (Helicopter) (MCAS(H)), Santa Ana

April 3, 1975: Hangars entered into the National Register as a historic district

April 23, 1976:
Base annexed by City of Tustin

June 1, 1978:
Renamed Marine Corps Air Station (Helicopter) (MCAS(H)), Tustin

1991: MCAS Tustin recommended for closure by Base Realignment and Closure Commission (BRAC)

July 3, 1999:
Closed in accordance with Base Realignment and Closure Act

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